Pancake DayAs students transition into adulthood, they often become less reliant on daily family care. And that’s a good thing! That means they’ve been empowered to do many things on their own, like cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. Many have the skills and training to be employed within their community, becoming even more self-sufficient.

Blanchard Valley Center continues to be a support and resource for these individuals. We can be reached at any time, even after normal business hours.

The Transition program at BVC includes school and community resources so individuals are never left without the assistance they may need. Students work with our Transition Services Coordinator to help in planning and implementing the next steps toward meeting the individual's own personalized goals. It’s dream-work time and we do everything we can to create an achievable game plan for seeing those dreams come true!

Families aren’t suddenly excluded, either. It’s just as important to us to provide information and resources to a student’s family as it is for their family to receive. Because there are so many school programs and community resources available, we want to make sure you’re aware of each of them and have access whenever you want it.


For students who want to obtain gainful employment as an adult, we work with Project SEARCH through the University of Findlay. This wonderful program allows our high school seniors to participate in internships in multiple partner businesses and organizations as a way to teach and hone skillsets that make them employable in the workplace.

Students discovering their talents and then putting them to use in a business that needs those talents is an incredible thing for us to see. Even better, they get to earn an income which sends their confidence soaring. Friendships are made, new skills are learned, and each student becomes the self-sufficient adult they always dreamed they’d be!

Contact us today to learn more about our many programs and resources for your transitioning adult.