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The SSA serves as your single point of coordination with Blanchard Valley Center. Each SSA supports you by coordinating the services you need to maintain the highest level of independence possible. Your SSA connects you to resources that can support you with everything from services in your home to community employment. With person-centered thinking and advocacy, the SSA works with you and your team to develop a plan that reflects your life goals.


Our Intake Specialist will collect information from you and administer an assessment, if appropriate. To be eligible, you must:

  • Reside in Hancock County
  • For ages 3 - 5: Have two developmental delays in two different life areas
  • For ages 6 and up: Have documentation of a qualifying diagnosis of a developmental disability (made by a qualified professional)
  • Have three substantial functional limitations in major life areas on the assessment


The services provided by Blanchard Valley Center's Service & Support Administration include:

Assessment - Each year, your SSA will work with you to complete an assessment of how things are going in your life. This assessment takes into consideration what is important for you. Your input will help your SSA identify supports that promote:

  • Your rights
  • Self determination
  • Physical well being
  • Emotional well being
  • Personal development
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Social inclusion

Person Centered Planning (PCP) Development - Using the information gathered from your assessment along with input from your team, your SSA will create an annual PCP. This plan is all about YOU - your wants and wishes, your needs, your risks, and the supports needed to make it all happen! The plan will include outcomes, steps to achieve those outcomes, and supports needed in your daily life.

Provider Selection - Often, you will need a provider to handle the services identified in your PCP. This provider may provide transportation, home and personal care, daily activities, or employment support. Your SSA ensures that you have the opportunity to select a provider of your choice (Free Choice of Provider). Your SSA also will work with you to resolve any concerns you may have regarding your provider.

Crisis Intervention - Health and safety issues arise any hour of the day or night. When something happens after regular work hours or on weekends, call 419-722-9262 and you will be connected to the SSA on call.


A waiver is a funding source to help pay for the services and supports you may need. A waiver is funded through Medicaid (60%) and local tax dollars (40%). Blanchard Valley Center maintains a wait list and issues waivers on an emergency basis only. Emergencies as defined by Ohio Administrative Code consist of the death of a caregiver, homelessness, and an issue of health and safety.

Level 1 and I/O waiver information

Level 1 and I/O waiver information

Self waiver

Self Waiver Information

For more information contact our Service and Support Administration Department at 419-425-8747

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