Meet our Team

Picture of Kelli Grisham

Kelli Grisham


Service & Support

Nikki Bowen Picture
Ali Weising-Pike Picture
Brad Sorn

Nicole Bowen

SSA Director

Ali Weising-Pike

SSA Manager

Brad Sorn

SSA Manager

Sheri Fleegle Picture

Sheri Fleegle

Resource-Referral Specialist

April Carter image

April Carter


Lisa Oglesbee

Lisa Oglesbee

Administrative Assistant 2

Calista Altenburger photo

Calista Altenburger


Photo of Alicia Parker
Trista Johnson
Nicole Kerner
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Picture of Steve Harper
Brian Stoepfel Picture
Joe Stoner Picture

Steve Harper 

Director of Operations

Brian Stoepfel

Facilities Manager

Joe Stoner

Maintenance Worker

Jeff Hanna Picture
Photo of Sydney Bonnell
Jenny Ferguson Picture

Jeff Hanna

Maintenance Worker

Sydney Bonnell

Fiscal Specialist

Jenny Ferguson

HR Manager

Kim Darnell picture
Rob Scasny Picture
Nathan Wonsetler

Kim Darnell

IT Coordinator

Debbie Back

Rob Scasny

Maintenance Worker

Chris Naugle photo

Nathan Wonsetler

Medicaid Waiver Specialist

Debbie Back

Medicaid Waiver Specialist

Christopher Naugle


Addie Moothart


Quality Services

Picture of Denise Roush
Nadine Weininger Picture
Picture of Cindy Maag

Denise Roush

Quality Services Director

Nadine Weininger

Quality Services Manager

Cindy Maag

Public Relations Coordinator

Cheri Reino Picture
Picture of Michelle Darrach
Cheryl Strohm Picture

Cheri Reino

Community Support Coordinator

Melanie Williams Picture

Michelle Darrach

RN/Health Educator

Cheryl Strohm

 Advocacy & Community Support

Melanie Williams

Coordinator of Special Olympics and Transition

Blanchard Valley School

Tanya Pike Picture

Tanya Pike

Director of Children's Services

Bobbi Morman

Bobbi Morman

Assistant to the Director of Children's Services

Becky Bowman-Cole

Becky Bowman-Cole

School Secretary