Discover the benefits of being part of your community by connecting to resources and employers with CommunityWorks!. We bridge any gap between you and your community, helping you achieve a fuller, more meaningful life. And we can hep with almost anything you need.  In short, we offer the works!

Services offered by CommunityWorks! include:

  • Employment assessment and referral
  • Career planning
  • Employment monitoring and support
  • Connecting to volunteer sites
  • Benefits analysis
  • STABLE Accounts
  • Help with applications for services:  METRO, HEAP, PIPP, SNAP, etc.
  • Help with Social Security application
  • Help with HATS or carpooling
  • Referral for payee services
  • Soft skills development (hygiene, attendance, etc.)
  • Authorized representative for Social Security
  • Referral for educational services: GED, post-secondary, ABLE, etc.
  • Referral for annual tax preparation
  • Referral to local support agencies
  • Voter registration
  • Other services as requested


Because many people are concerned about how employment will affect the benefits they receive, we can provide you with a benefits analysis. You get a clear picture of how much you can earn before your benefits are affected. Plus we can outline the safety nets available to regain your benefits should you become unemployed.

Finally, CommunityWorks! builds relationships with our community: the people we serve, families and guardians, schools, community agencies and organizations, and most importantly, employers. Working together, we can build a good life for everyone in Hancock County.

If you are interested in getting connected to Community Works!, contact the Service and Support Department.